We create only one of each.

Custom its origin, Rebel its philosophy.


Our planet is under attack
We live in a world where everyone declares war on each other.
Anger is everywhere. With no one to defend our planet.
This continuous prejudice leads to polarization and miscomprehension
Our differences are in the center of this hatred.
Who or What is there to defend? Love.
CustomRebels believes in love, because
Young rebels can heal together…
Fight for love together…
Save our planet together…
Saying “No planet B” or “Save the earth” is not a solution.
But Love is Rooted in passion
This is our “Declaration of Love”.
We will fight for this mission and be fully sustainable by 2023.
Love can only project into the future if it is sustainable. How do we know it?
Rebels do it better
Be rebel, stay rebel.